Knockout Network for 2021 – Updated for a Post-Pandemic World



Updated and Coming Back Soon – Learn effective ways to move your career or business forward through effective networking in a post-pandemic world.

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Knockout Networking is the online career advancement course that will give you the direction and confidence you need to move your career forward using proven networking techniques!

Updated for the post-pandemic world, once you’ve completed this training you’ll no longer be solely dependent on job postings to get you in front of potential employers or clients. You will learn more effective ways to move your career or business forward through effective networking.

KNOCKOUT NETWORKING will help you move your career forward if you are:

  1. Employed but you want to improve your skills and move up to a more responsible position.
  2. An Entrepreneur seeking more clients and business opportunities.
  3. Under-employed, meaning your current skills and time are underutilized in your current job and you want a more challenging and rewarding role that makes the best use of your talents.
  4. Unemployed and seeking a better position than what you’ve held in the past.
  5. Seeking an easy-to-follow strategy to help you achieve your career aspirations.

Here’s what clients of the original Knockout Networking course had to say….

“I have had the pleasure of working with Colin after he was referred by a friend, another satisfied client. I enjoyed his personalized advice and particularly appreciated taking advantage of his online course Knockout Networking. It was informative, useful, but most of all fun. The course even considered the psychology of learners to make sure that they assimilate and use the content. Way to go Colin!” — Marley M.

“I’m benefitting from the self-reflection elements of the course…especially pertaining to barriers… being aware of the barriers you create for yourself (e.g. self-defeating thoughts). Another benefit is the importance of preparation and practice. This can help boost confidence that will lead to better first impressions. Another benefit is becoming more aware of people in your circles that are your network that can lead to great opportunities.” Trish. L

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