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Colin McClean, Director of Training and Development

Hi! Welcome to I’m Colin McClean, Director of Training and Development. My team and I help people who are tired of conventional career change programs and who are seeking proven, avant-garde training and self-development techniques to move up and out of their current employment situation. We’ll work with you to mould and sculpt your mind, body and soul for success. If you are ready to start working towards the achievement of your Ultimate Career Victory, you’re in the right place!

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Our mission is to keep Challenging You to Grow, Overcome Obstacles and Achieve! Through this online learning platform, our books, blog, and supplementary training resources, we help success seekers claim their
Ultimate Career Victory.

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You’re in the Right Place if you are:

  • working in an unfulfilling contract, temporary or full-time position;
  • feeling stuck in a lower to middle-level job (e.g.  a customer service rep., admin. assistant, healthcare worker, etc.)
  • open to applying unconventional, yet proven strategies to achieve your career goals

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