Who is Colin McClean?

As the Director of Training and Development, Colin McClean sculpts and forges learners’ minds for success, using easy-to-follow systems that allow them to start building the lives they envision.

With twenty plus years of business experience, he’s spent more than half of them working in employment counselling, job development, recruiting, and employment services marketing. As a Certified Adult & Continuing Education Trainer, Colin’s life purpose is to keep “Challenging You to Grow, Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Your Goals.”  

His years of experience as an illustrator and career coach led to the publication of “A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To… My Career50 Practical Rules To Get The Job You Want!”, a creative self-help guide that uses humour to help job seekers hone the skills they need to find work, even in challenging economic times. Colin successfully applies his skills and experience to the development of creative online and in-person courses. He also facilitates workshops and delivers presentations for at-risk youth and young adults.

In his course design and development, Colin incorporates theories of multiple intelligences to create fun games and exercises that help diverse learners reach their goals and objectives in a safe and comfortable environment.

Colin established ColinMcClean.com to expand his passion for helping others to excel. Using a combination of humour and practicality, he has delivered hundreds of workshops, coaching and mentoring sessions, including team development and retreat facilitation.

In 2012 Colin received the “Man of The Year Award” from a leadership building organization and was promoted to the position of Director of Training, where he led their largest group of participants to successfully complete a life-altering, six-month, transformation program. Colin is also the recipient of the 2016 NAAP Canada award for “Extraordinary Dedication In Helping People Secure Employment.

More recently, Colin launched KeepMovingForward.ca, to transfer his years of training experience to an online learning platform.

In addition to his Certification in Adult & Continuing Education and Teaching, Colin has an honours graduate diploma in Marketing and Business Administration, and he is also a Competent Toastmaster.

Colin lives by two philosophies:

“Anyone can learn if they are open to receive.”


“When life throws you challenges, keep moving forward and looking upwards!”

Client Testimonials…

Colin, thank you so much for our chat today. I’m always more focuses and have a sense of direction after consulting with you and taking your courses. You provide practical ways to Keep Moving Forward personally and Professionally.

Trish L.

Before working with Colin and his team I was in a job that wasn’t making the best use of my skills or experience and didn’t allow me to have any kind of work-life balance. I was applying to positions but wasn’t getting passed the first interview and this was affecting my self-confidence. Through the coaching process, Colin worked with me to transform my mindset and see what was possible. I started to regain my self-confidence. Video interview preparation and coaching really helped me to see where I needed to adjust and improve. I was finally able to get to the second interview stage and was offered a better position with better hours! I’m moving my career forward and, with a more life-friendly schedule, I’ll be making up for lost time with my family and friends. I’ll be working in my niche and contributing value in the career of my choice. Thank you, Colin, for believing in me and helping me to make my dream career a reality

Sandra P.

I was stuck doing odd jobs that I hated, and I felt I was going nowhere. Working with Colin was so easy. He gave me great insight into the areas that were holding me back and helped me successfully change careers. Specifically, he worked with me to update my resume, prepare for my interview and then ace the interview to land the position I was seeking. He even gave me great advice on being a new hire and moving up within the company! With Colin’s help, I’m now working in a field that I really enjoy!

Jabari W.

I have had the pleasure of working with Colin after he was referred to me by a friend, another satisfied client. I enjoyed his personalized advice and particularly appreciated taking advantage of his online course, Knockout Networking. It was informative, useful, but most of all fun. The course even considered the psychology of learners to make sure that they assimilate and use the content. Way to go Colin!

Marlye M.

Hey Colin, Just finished my telephone interview and I am feeling so good about my performance. Thanks for your guidance because I was asked the same questions that you went through with me. Your help gave me the confidence to go through the interview feeling confident. Thanks again for your help.

Desmond J.

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