Definition of Community:

“People with common interests living in a particular area broadly: the area itself” – Webster Dictionary

But Is There More?

What Community Is To Us:

We Believe Community Is A Living Ecosystem That Is Always Growing And Evolving.

Much Like Plants, A Community Needs To Be Continually Nourished And Cultivated For It To Thrive.

The Journey To Community:

It is never a direct path. It is a maze of subtle complexities. It’s a journey of many, twists, blockages and setbacks.

By being present and persistent you will eventually reach your final destination. The key is to continue and never give up.

Remember that time, trust and consistency are your guides to reaching a community. It Is Important To Be Aware That There Are Challenges You May Encounter When Building Collaborative Networks. It is also important to gain insights into effective strategies for mobilizing resources, both financial and non-financial, to support your projects.

On that note, feel free to take a look at our Community Resource page: