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Frequently Asked Questions

How are services different? serves growth-minded people who feel stuck in their lower to mid-level, white collar or service-sector careers. We help those who are tired of conventional career change programs and who are seeking proven, avant-garde training and self-development techniques to move up and out of their current employment situation. Our successful clients are eager to try something new and are willing to put in the required time and effort to move forward in their career and life.

What is it like working with Colin?

“I have had the pleasure of working with Colin after he was referred by a friend, another satisfied client. I enjoyed his personalized advice and particularly appreciated taking advantage of his online course Knockout Networking. It was informative, useful, but most of all fun. The course even considered the psychology of learners to make sure that they assimilate and use the content. Way to go Colin!” — Marley M.

“Colin helped me get in the right mindset, anticipate and prepare for the tough interview questions; clearly identify and articulate my best skills and accomplishments, and present myself with more confidence. I am also grateful to Colin for redesigning my resume to highlight my skills more succinctly and giving me the interview coaching and practice that helped me to finally obtain a position I’d been seeking for some time. Thanks, Colin!” Alix D.

“In preparation for a job interview, I reached out to Colin at  He worked with me over several days to prepare using mock interview questions, videos, interview critique and helping me to find my positive motivation. At the interview, I was well prepared, calm and was able to utilize the tips and techniques; these are all attributed to the work I have done with  Colin.  Thanks, Colin! Your services were invaluable, and you are great in bringing out the best in the individual!” — Sandra P.

What is a Career Blacksmith?

A Career Blacksmith is an experienced Employment Specialist, Author, Challenge Coach, Competent Toastmaster and Certified Adult Trainer. Colin McClean is a Career Blacksmith who will sculpt and forge your mind for success. He established where you’ll find easy-to-follow career advice, inspiration and online courses that move your career or business forward, so you can start living the life you envision. The team of professionals adhere to Colin’s simple philosophy that, “Anyone can learn if they are open to receive.” Colin has heard and seen the many challenges that face employment seekers today.  He shares, “I’ve witnessed the desperation of people who have been without work for a long time or are employed in jobs they hate. I have also seen the elation of people who – armed with the right information and support – achieve their ultimate career victory. It’s an incredible experience that I want to help more people find!”

What are other clients saying?

“What is a Client Avatar, I asked Colin when we met for our first career building discussion? Very quickly I was guided through the importance of knowing who my specific clients are so that I am able to focus on who I really want to serve. Thank you Colin, my Client Avatar is now known as adults and families, not only youth.” Norma N.

“I’m benefitting from the self-reflection elements of the course…especially pertaining to barriers… being aware of the barriers you create for yourself (e.g. self-defeating thoughts). Another benefit is the importance of preparation and practice. This can help boost confidence that will lead to better first impressions. Another benefit is becoming more aware of people in your circles that are your network that can lead to great opportunities.” — Trish. L